POP! POP! FEST in Taiwan

milesapartrec: Indie Pop Prom Special Zine3/16 Indie Pop Prom @NOON+CAFE, Osakaindie-pop-prom.tumblr.com

milesapartrec: Indie Pop Prom Special Zine

3/16 Indie Pop Prom @NOON+CAFE, Osaka

Illustration by Ray Kimura

Illustration by Ray Kimura

Only In My Dreams (Music Video)

Heavy Petal (A Mixtape by Kip Berman from TPOBPAH) by Svanamix on Mixcloud


I made this mix for Svanapaper.com in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

"Heavy Petal"

1. Single Bed - Nightflowers
2. When People Like You Filled The Heavens - French Films
3. You Held My Hand - Flowers
4. Curry Crazy - Bad Dream Fancy Dress
5. Night Time Made Us - The Pastels
6. I Am (If You Are) - Murder Mystery
7. Go Kid Go - My Favorite
8. Warm girls - Girls At Our Best!
9. Butterfly Kisses - Wallflower
10. Love and Death in Metroland - Always
11. Selangkah Keseberang - White Shoes and the Couples Company
12. Bounding - Ice Choir

Dreamy Days 7” is out now!


"Feverfew" Tote Bag

Butterfly Kisses

Indie Pop Lesson + Compilation


Indie Pop Lesson by Twee Grrrls Club


1.Summer Twins - “I Don’t Care”

2.Ice Cream Shout - “Disco Kitten”

3.The Garlands - “Open Arms”

4.Saturday Looks Good To Me - “New City(Rougher Version)”

5.Dead Andle - “Dreamed Dreams”

6.Catwalk - “Night Starvation”

7.The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - “Sure”

8.Wallflower - “Butterfly Kisses”

9.Pale Lights - “Dearest Virginia”

10.Sloppy Joe - “Growing Pains”

11.Northern Portrait - “New Favourite Moment”

12.Proper Ornaments - “Nervous Breakdown”

On January 2013 the limited edition of “Indie Pop Lesson” with LP will be released!